Training Pack

Immerse yourself in an intensive 5-day Qbot training program. Kick off with the fundamentals, exploring the Qbot ecosystem and the significance of NLP. Dive deep into chat functionalities and the intricacies of automation with Qbot Flow. Master the world of RPA and harness the power of a hybrid digital workspace. Conclude with practical applications, enabling you to design and implement efficient real-world processes using Qbot. Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to leverage Qbot's potential fully.

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Qbot Training Package

Day 1: Introduction and Basic Concepts

  • Morning:
    • Welcome to Qbot
    • Overview of the Training Plan and Expectations
    • Qbot Ecosystem and Modules: A General View
  • Afternoon:
    • Deep Dive into Qbot Chat
    • Basics of NLP and its Role in Qbot

Day 2: Qbot Chat and NLP

  • Morning:
    • Detailed Exploration of Qbot Chat
    • Fundamentals of NLP and its Application in Qbot
  • Afternoon:
    • Practical Application: Modeling and Understanding User Requests
    • Problem Solving and Case Study Analysis

Day 3: Qbot Flow and Basics of Automation

  • Morning:
    • Features and Functions of Qbot Flow
    • First Steps for API and SQL Automation in Qbot Flow
  • Afternoon:
    • Practical Application: Creating Workflows and Automation
    • Sample Workflows and Best Practices

Day 4: Qbot RPA and the Hybrid Digital Workspace

  • Morning:
    • Fundamentals of RPA and its Role in Qbot
    • Management of Hybrid Digital Environments
  • Afternoon:
    • Practical Application: Setting up and Managing RPA Tasks
    • Case Study Analysis and Problem-Solving

Day 5: Process Design and Implementation

  • Morning:
    • Basics of Process Design with Qbot
    • Best Practices to Optimize and Digitize Business Processes
  • Afternoon:
    • Practical Application: Designing Real-World Processes with Qbot
    • Review, Feedback, and Next Steps