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Integrating Chatbots, Workflows, RPA & Orchestration for a Seamless Experience.


Qbot: A solution for every need

Qbot Chat:
  • Speak Human, Think AI. Our chatbot uses advanced NLP to understand and communicate just like a human.
  • Across Platforms: Web, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more. We meet your users wherever they are.
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Qbot Flow:
  • Automate with Ease: From API integrations to SQL tasks, Flow takes care of your backend operations.
  • Trigger Any Way You Like: Whether it's a chat prompt, webhook, email, or file – Qbot Flow responds.
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Qbot Run:
  • Orchestration at Its Finest. Run not only operates Qbot's own RPA but also manages other competitor RPAs for a hybrid solution.
  • Full Integration with Third-party Tools: From SAP to other enterprise tools, we promise compatibility.
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Qbot RPA:
  • Manual Tasks, Digitally Completed. When automation meets a roadblock, our RPA robots pick up the task.
  • Hybrid Work Environment: By integrating with other manufacturer's RPAs, we ensure a seamless workflow across tools
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​Digitalize Your Business Processes with Qbot!

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Curious about how Qbot can revolutionize your business processes? Interested in pinpointing areas where automation can enhance efficiency and reduce costs?

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  • Expert assessment of your existing workflows.
  • Identification of potential use cases fit for automation.
  • Tailored advice on how Qbot can elevate your operations.

BeeBPM: Low-Code Business Process Automation (BPA) Software


  • Automate repetitive tasks and mission-critical workflows to optimize resource allocation.
  • Future-proof your tech stack by integrating with your core systems, breaking data and application silos.
  • Maximize productivity by allowing your team to focus on high-value activities.

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Go beyond basic workflow automation with intelligent automation


Enable end-to-end process automation with a platform, giving you access to AI-powered Business Process Automation (BPA), Intelligent Documentation Automation (IDP), Decision Engine, and API Integration.

Employee Monitoring Solution (EMS)

Maximize Your Team's Potential

Discover the future of team management and productivity optimization with Employe Monitoring Solution. Dive deep into comprehensive insights and elevate your team’s efficiency while ensuring the utmost respect for employee privacy.

Key Features
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Get an instant overview of ongoing tasks and ensure your projects remain on track.
  • Objective Evaluations with BQ Scoring: Tailor the system to identify and rank productive tasks specific to your business model.
  • Remote Work Compatibility: Empower your team, irrespective of their location, to maintain consistent productivity levels.

​Dive Deeper into Productivity with Processera EMS 

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Presale Discovery Activity: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Every organization faces unique challenges, and Processera is dedicated to understanding and solving them. With our presale discovery activity, we take a comprehensive approach to identify your challenges and demonstrate the value of our solutions.
Free Problem Discovery Session:
  • Description: Kickstart your Automation journey with a complimentary session. Discuss pain points, operational challenges, and inefficiencies openly with our experts.
  • Outcome: A clear understanding of the problems at hand with preliminary insights into potential solutions.
Detailed Process Mapping (Optional & Fee-Based):
  • Description: Dive deeper as our team charts out your processes, identifying bottlenecks, redundancies, and areas of inefficiency.
  • Outcome: A visual depiction of current operations with highlighted areas for improvement.

Solution Ideation (Optional & Fee-Based):
  • Description: Based on the challenges recognized, our experts ideate and sketch out solutions, demonstrating how Automation modules can provide answers.
  • Outcome: A set of proposed solutions tailored to your organization's needs.

Demo & Simulation (Optional & Fee-Based):

  • Description: Witness firsthand how the proposed A automation solution operates in a simulated environment, offering a tangible sense of the transformation potential.
  • Outcome: A concrete understanding of the effectiveness and benefits of the proposed solutions.
  • Related Qbot Module: Modules relevant to the demonstration.

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