Revolutionize Your Legal Agreements with

AI-Powered Contract

Take the hassle out of legal agreements and enjoy seamless management with our AI-Powered solution.

Text Generation

We know that the process of creating legal documents is very difficult. We create more time for you by creating texts in accordance with the legislation.

  • Summarization without compromising the integrity of the meaning
  • Clause generation according to the type of agreements
  • Generate keywords, titles

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Key Information Extraction

PapirAi works like your legal assistant by extracting key information in your contract documents for you.

  • Perform OCR to convert PDF files and Images
  • Extract Party names and Identities
  • Address, Email and Phone numbers
  • Effective and Expiration dates and Duration information
  • Price and Fees

Question Answering  

PapirAi QA gives an advanced feature that enables to understand and provide accurate responses to your queries in a natural, human-like manner to support your requirements

  • Create queryable document repository above large language models
  • High accuracy semantic and neural search
  • Enjoy your interactive documents

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Are you ready to take your contract and document management one step further?

Whether your team is legal, sales or human resources team, makes your contract process fast and easy.